About us

Officially formed and endorsed by Sabah Tourism Board in 2007, Sabah Backpacker Operators Association represents over 30 members and the number is increasing. The association aims to:

  • Assist the government to promote backpacker lodges operators
  • Facilitate tourists with comfortable accommodation during their visit
  • Collect from official and other reliable resources information useful to the association, to conduct surveys, entertain inquiries and keep accurate records to promote the objectives of the association
  • Complement tourists with their requirement such as tour destination information, tour booking etc
  • Forge alliance and establish rapport with any organisation or association with similar objectives
  • Assist in every effort for the benefits of the tourist, the improvement of the accommodation and other relevant amenities especially in Sabah and Malaysia
  • Develop, promote and protect the general welfare and interest of the association members
  • Work for the improvement of the quality and reputation
  • Monitor the compliance of backpackers operators to the Code of Ethics

SBA's Pro-tem President – Ms Susan Soong - Borneo Backpackers ( 2007 - 2009 )

SBA's 1st President – Mr Tommy Chaw - Red Palm ( 2010 - 2012 )

SBA's 2nd President – Mr Bj Lim - Kinabalu Mountain Lodge ( 2012 - 2014 )

SBA's 3rd President – Mr Richie Lee - Borneo BeacHouse Backpackers ( 2014 - 2016 )


Sabah Backpacker Operators Association's Committees 2014 - 2016

: Richie Lee - Borneo BeacHouse
: Malcolm Wong - Borneo Global Backpackers
: Walter Wee - Borneo Gaya Lodge
: Queenie Chang - Akinabalu Youth Hostel
: Aubrey Lim - Sabah Tea Garden
: Lucy Chong - Lucy Backpackers
: Victor Sua - Bunibon Lodge
: Peter Kwan - Prima B&B
  : Jassie Bin Doren - Barefoot Sukau Lodge
: Karen Chin

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