President 2014 speech summary: Members visit 13th May 2014

Hi Guys,

Hope you all are doing well.

13/5/14 , we (Richie, Walter, Queenie & Lucy) visited some of our members in Kota Kinabalu. Thanks Walter, Queenie & Lucy for joining me on a public holiday..

Our exco thank all members for taking their time to see us. Many issues had been raised & discussed which We will share with all from time to time. Most important of all we want to find out how our association can contribute to the members more effectively. Your feedbacks & advice is very important and we hope you can voice out your ideas whenever.

We had also created WhatsApp group chat for all our members & exco members to serve as a platform to stay connected & fellowship.

If you are not in it yet, please contact Walter at 017 817 8765

We will also be emailing you and update ourselves on SBA's
1) SBA Website
2) SBA Facebook Page
3) WhatsApp group

Please check the above regularly. If you don't we will all feel like we have not done our job.

It's very important for us that you are all in it.

Lots of improvement has to be made for us to stay stronger & all your contributions can help us.

For members we haven't visited, don't worry, we will come and "kacau " you guys very soon.

Until then, take care.



中央旅遊部長,不负责任,不知所谓!!! on 21st Nov 2014


SBA Sukau Exco, Mr. Jassie attended KiTA workshop on 24th Oct 2014

SBA NEW EXCO LINE UP PAYING COURTESY CALL To Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, YB Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun on the 7th August 2014

From Left:

Ms.Queenie Chang (Treasurer), Mr.Walter Wee (Secretary), Mr, Jamal (Tourist), Mr. Richie Lee (President), YB DATUK Masidi Manjun

Mr. Malcolm Wong (Vice President), Mdm. Lucy Chong (Exco Committee) & Mr.Gordon Yap (Deputy General Manager Sabah Tourism Board)

14th Oct 2014 - Courtesy Call to KITA President Mr. Alex Yee

14th Oct 2014 - Breakfast Meeting with CTrip Representative

Press Release of this wonderful Borneo Rhythms Of Rimba Festival by our Sandakan SBA member , Mr. Anton Ngui (Penganakan Di)

President 2014 speech summary - 26th Sept 2014

Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,

Just in case you miss out today's newspaper, attached please find attachment of Press Release of this wonderful Borneo Rhythms Of Rimba Festival by our Sandakan SBA member , Mr. Anton Ngui (Penganakan Di) who is also the Future Alam Borneo (FAB) Chairman.

Kota Kinabalu SBA members are going to attend this Fest and hope to see you all there too.



SBA Exco and Members visiting Jari Jari at Suria Mall Kota Kinabalu Spa - 4th Sept 2014

Peter Kwan our exco member 2014 visiting us & receiving Prima b&b membership certificate in KK. Views Of how to improve better Fellowship among members in sandakan was exchanged with us.We are all looking forward to build a stronger & better relationship with fellows members in Sabah .

Sabah Backpackers Association - AGM 2014 - 2016

New President speech summary:

Incoming President of Sabah Backpacker Operators Association (SBA), Mr. Richie Lee thanked all members present for the enormous amount of support & opportunities given to the new Exco and pledged that they will do their very best to make their association a better platform to strengthen the associations “tradition of Fellowship”.

He indicated that often people ask what does one get for joining SBA. Among other benefits, the no.1 focus has always been The Fellowship among SBA members. This will increase our member’s knowledge and understanding in areas of mutual interest. Hence allowing members to build better business networks, addressing and solving business issues more effectively.

He also expressed his gratitude & paid tribute to past presidents Miss Susan Soong, Mr. Tommy Chow and Mr. Bj Lim for their contribution and achievements for the association.


RICHIE LEE 先生非常感谢所有出席大会的成员们的支持和信任给予他机会带领让该会进入新的里程碑,他和他的新团队也会竭尽所能把会务办好,
建立更好的业务网络和更有效地解决业务问题。 他也乘这个机会感谢和赞扬前主席Susan Soong小姐,Tommy Chaw先生和BJ Lim先生所作出的贡献。

* SBA Membership Renewal for Year 2014 Open Now !
Step 1: Go to Homepage
Step 2: Click SBA Renewal Form
Step 3: Fill up form and make payment to Sabah Backpacker Operators Association ( MAYBANK BERHAD ): 5101 4311 4602
Step 4: Email Bank in Slip and Renewal Form 2014 to [email protected] - Attn: Mr Walter Wee ( Secretary )

workshop organized by Expedia Travel

11 March 2014,

Time: 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
SBA Exco attendant list:

President: Richie Lee
Past President: Tommy Chow and BJ Lim
Secretary: Walter Wee
Treasurer: Queenie Chang
Committee: Lucy Chong
Internal Auditor : Karen Chin (Past Vice President)

Dear Members Of SBA,

Greetings from all of us. We would like to update you our latest development.

SBA Exco has been invited to attend the workshop organized by Expedia Travel (On – Line Booking company) on 11 March 2014. The workshop started at 10.00 am, 1st floor of Horizon Hall & ended at 1:20 pm.

During the program, Expedia representative has introduced Expedia Malaysia's Team Members and also presented a brief highlight the unique value proposition for us to join & use their On – Line Booking facilities.

For more information, please contact SBA’s Secretary Mr. Walter Wee at 017 817 8765.

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SBA Exco Meeting 2013 / 2014

* 18th December 2013 for 11th Exco Meeting at The Cruise Tanjung Aru 7.30 pm Sharp

* 17th March 2014 for 1st Exco 2014 Meeting at The Cruise Tanjung Aru 7.30 pm Sharp

SBA Bank Details

Sabah Backpacker Operators Association (SBA)
Bank Name : Maybank Berhad ( Sabah Backpacker Operators Association )
Bank Account : 5101 4311 4602